This is so sick. So sick.

There are a lot of unfair issues around the world but seldom does something anger and affect me as much as when it’s about defenceless individuals. Or like in this case ~ animals.

An article in the newspaper about networks of bestiality (buggery). The reporter was going undercover to infiltrate the network and see how they operate. Families selling their beloved dog online, hoping the dog will get a better life on the country and adds answered by heartless scumbags who buy the dog to have sex with it. It makes me sick!

The reporter uncovered a (one of many) network containing both men and women, hosting “parties” where the spineless idiots come together to rape animals. Thats exactly what is it. Rape of innocent and defenceless animals. And what’s just as bad (almost!) as the hanus crime itself – is that it’s not illegal in this country, to have sex with animals. What the hell is going on. It obviously should be illegal and punished with prison. Or better yet, a crime suited with the “an eye for an eye” sentence. The sick individuals should be punished with the same crime upon themselves. Drastic? No I don’t think so. You have to remember that we’re talking about animals. They can’t express their dislike or fear and they have got nothing to defend themself against evil and monstrous humans who commit these absolutely horrible crimes against them.

What’s going on, Swedish government?! Why is this allowed? What the hell?

This world is so crazy and so twisted that it’s hard to find the silver lining. The beauty and the positivity is deeply covered under layers of hatred and darkness. It takes a pure and selfless heart to see it and to appreciate it. We all try. Keep trying.

Edit: Apparently it will be made illegal next year:

It can give up to 2 years in prison or simply a fine. Which means it will not stop anyone. But it’s one first step anyway.

  • I couldn’t agree more. Reading this text was like reading the post I made yesterday on Facebook, but now more elaborated and translated. It’s obvious we feel the same way about this subject. It really is sickening and totally incomprehensible that these people exists, and that they are allowed to do what they do, without being seriously punished. On the other hand, I can’t seem to find a suitable punishment for their crime. Death is too easy, raping them might be as well, so..some kind of torture might do the trick..? I’m not sure. Like you, violence is NOT something I usually advocate, but when it comes to defenceless individuals like animals, children, old or sick people, I just loose it. 🙁 It’s just TOO MUCH! Too evil. It really is hard to live in this world, when feeling like this, when having this mindset. Makes me really unhappy. Hard to see “the silverlining”, as you put it. But I guess it’s there…underneeth all the sickening bullshit, hatred, abuse and ignorance. But damn…one has to dig REALLY DEEP…! 🙁

    • I know we’re on the same page here, we were always equal in our believes! It’s great to see other people also stand up for the twisted reality that is today. You go girl! I don’t know, either, what would be a good punishment. It shouldn’t exist in the first place. Death won’t do. An eye for an eye comes somewhat close to a punishment. Torture… Yes, that’s exactly what they’re engaging in so perhaps. It’s also scary when you’re an advocate for non-violence but this makes you consider it yourself. What the world, it’s sick minority-population will cause you to feel and how to react. Not in any shape or form ok. *hugs*