School girl

What does Marx, Durkheim and Tönnies have to do with criminology?
Well, as it turns out, a lot. Little did we know as we came to class that we would have to learn about the academics from the 17th century up until now. That was *not* on our agenda. We thought. But we have learned that they all left an imprint on the criminal theories of today so I guess we were wrong, they are of some value 😉

Three weeks has passed and we’re slowly getting the hang of it. It’s definitely different from high school (yes I know, many many years ago) where you got home works and were hand-held by your teachers. Here you’re bombarded with information, you’re suppose to take initiative, structure and learn. Emphasize on learn.

We’ve finished our 3×2 lectures on society and criminology and have to learn two large (fat!) books for the upcoming test. We have finished a group work about the academics and we’re starting a new group work about criminology on Friday. Add to it, family life, house and the kid’s homework – and all that must be remembered for their (and my) school and you’ll find a pretty busy mother. But over all I am really enjoying school. I wasn’t sure I would, but I am. And today was a really fun day.

Thank you my sweet new friend for the laughs, I think we really needed it! 😉 <3