Friday again! =)

And so another week has passed and it’s Friday again! Weather is stormy and cold, where did the summer/spring go?

I feel worn out, I ache and I am super tired. I guess it’s my age!? I realized today that I am older. Today my youngest (!) child turns 10! Ten! wow =) Im so proud of my kids! <3 <3

Soo…. that means that this weekend will be… less healthy. Today it’s cake (sticky chocolate cake) and tomorrow I’m going out partying. And eating out! Yay! Can’t wait! =) So there will be carbs. There will be alcohol.

Got to live a little, right? And then get back into shape again after! =)


I can recommend this ^ =)

Baked filled paprika. Where the filling consists of onion, kale and tomatoe (mixed with olive oil and bread crumbs) and mozarella on top! =) yum!




I’m beat now. Rest a little bit and then do my nails. See, as a poor student one can’t afford to go to the salon for nails! 😉



// lia 96, 2

Thursday storm.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a raging storm outside my window. Typical!  The beautiful sun is on vacation and we’re left with only storm and potential rain. And I am suppose to go out on Saturday. It would be nicer with sun, for sure! 😉

Yesterday I was so so tired. I fell asleep on the sofa, I didn’t get to do much of what needed to be done and I was yawning away. We brought the kids to get their hair cuts and as we got back, we decided to go for a walk. I’m glad we did it (of course) but I was so tired!


Funny thing is that we both had our Runkeepers on and while I managed to burn approx. 650 calories, he burned 800+. That’s unfair! But one of the differences between men and women, I am sure. I am glad that I managed to move my ass, regardless! 🙂

Today, though, I need to do school work and my head feels like it weighs a ton, so not much exercise for me today!


// lia 96,3

A good hair day! =)

Finally some good news, I was down 0.8 kg this morning! yay! =)

So I celebrated with some hair-pampering in the salon, where I even enjoyed a small cappuccino!


Enjoy your (hopefully) sunny Tuesday! =) x

# Exercise bike 30 mins

# PW + Run (mostly PW)  20 mins

# Strength 20 mins

// lia 96,6