Wednesday PW

I don’t know where I got the motivation from but I went for a “hell-walk” this morning as I woke up (and it’s a great way to actually wake up, by the way) haha

I can tell that my stamina is slowly building up. It was an ok walk actually. It’s not the fastest walk (but I don’t care) but my pulse is high so I know that it must be good! =)

My fingers swell up to little sausages as I walk. I guess all the blood is going towards my legs and my other extremities are suffering from it. Also,swelling from heat, I guess. It goes back to normal again soon, though (but excuse any typos for now, it’s not easy trying to type with Micheline-fingers!)

My RunKeeper is insane! I don’t even know why I use it. It keeps telling me (as I walk) that my pace is 5min/km then 14min/km and the 10min/km. It cannot be trusted!  As I get back and look at it though it seems to have stabilized and the results are fantastic for being me! 🙂

However, it cannot be trusted! I mean, 978 calories burnt? :p







Yes I know that it’s Wednesday but I didn’t get around to updating yesterday, so 🙂

The weekend was great and the food and drinks tasted soooo good! Of course I gained weight when having fun so I forced myself to move my ass yesterday! 😉

# Crosstrainer 30 mins 299 cals

# Vibration 15 mins 50 cals