Her morning with a stranger

She opened her eyes slowly, pretty confused as to where she was. Much like every morning but today she was feeling more puzzled.
She didn’t recognize the patterns of the wallpaper, the TV infront of her. This was not her own place.
She let it sink in a minute as she turned to her side. There he was. Fragments of last night started coming back to her.
The drinking, the laughing, the dancing. The cute guy at the bar with a big smile her way. How he approached her with words of summer and excitement.
How he ut his hands on her hips as they danced the night away. And now she found him there next to her, in his place, in his bed.
She swallowed as quietly as she could. Her troat was dry. A glass of water would be nice but she didn’t want to wake him up.
As she slowly tried to roll over on the side to easier get up, she spotted a photograph on the bed side table. The man she met last night.
And a woman. A blonde beautiful woman, smiling into the camera as he held his arm around her. They both looked happy.

What the heck, was he married? What a jerk!

She couldn’t even remember if she saw a wedding band on his finger last night, or not. But this framed picture said it all.
He was a two-timing bastard and he had violated her body. It was a temple and only meant for single men with a dash of hope of the future.
This. Grr.

She sat up on the bed, slightly weary and with no intention of being quiet and letting him sleep. She stomped her feet into the ground and she could hear him
tossing in his sleep. Now, where are my clothes, she thought as her eyes surveyed the contents of the room. It was fairly messy, a typical batchelor pad.
No sign of a woman’s touch in here. Confusing. She found her dress at the bottom of the bed and she stood up and serpentined her way into it.
He woke up and squinted.

– Morning, beautiful!
– Beautiful, my ass, she let out and stormed out into the hallway where she found the bathroom.
She could hear him getting out of the bed and mumbling something to himself.
Her heart had skipped as she looked at him. He was so hansome. A real man. Dark and scruffy and with a smile to die for. Typical.
She felt angry and betrayed and yet weirdly enough, also aroused. He certainly had a profound inpact on her, no doubt.
As she let the water run to get cold water she splashed some on her face. She didn’t look fresh and cute at all. She looked tired and screwed.
Her had had to play the cup as she put it under the tap and then her mouth to it. Water. Yummy. She drank more.

– Hey, are you ok? He asked outside the door.
– Fine! Thank you for asking, she growled back.
– Ehh… Have I done something wrong?
She didnt want to answer that, she just wanted to get out of there without being seen. She felt embarrassed. Both by the situation and by her looks.
Regardless, he was hot. And right now, she was not. She wanted to scream ad shout and him for humiliating her like this.
And at the same time she wanted nothing more than to feel his fingers all over body, his lips upon hers.

After a while, he knocked again.
– I’ll make some breakfast and you can eat something ok.

She heard footsteps towards what she would imagine was the kitchen. Breakfast, Yes she was starving. Both for food and for him.
But she needed to go.

He stood with his back against the hallway as she tiptoed passed him.

Feck! Where are my shoes?!

She let out a sigh and he heard her, spun around with the spatula in his hand and a surprised smile.

– Are you trying to sneak out?

At this point she just felt like crying and laughing and screaming, all at the same time.
She felt happy, betrayed and oddly attracted to him.

– Listen, she said. “I obviously am a fool. I thought you were single and decent and well, here we are.”

His face turned into a frown.

– Say what now? I am single and decent. What are you talking about? I thought we shared something special last night?

She chuckled.

– Well, we certainly did. But you weren’t mine to share anything with, were you….?

Wait what!
Her heart started beating faster and she was pretty sure he could see the pulse through her dress. “Are you single?!”

He started laughing as he turned around and quickly flipped the pancake. Then he turned back with a face of an angel and she could feel her cheeks going crimson red.

– I am single. I thought you were too? I like you, I thought you liked me to. Care to tell me what’s going on?

– Ehh… I feel stupid now. But who is the woman in the picture at your bed then?
She wished she had ever asked. She felt like a little girl, a very jealous little girl. She couldn’t bare to look up at his face.
It was too nice, too sweet and too kissable. So she stared down at the floor.

– That’s my twin sister.
He put the spatula down and came up to her. He put her face in his hands and lifted it up so that he could look at her.
“It may seem weird, indeed. But I sometimes mind her kids and we all camp out in my bed so to make them feel ok with being away from their mom, I simply have the
picture there. I would never have imagined that it would be interpreted like you just did, but I see your point.”

– Uh-uh, was all she could say.

– So, Point taken. Can we eat some breakfast now? It’s been ages since I was graced with such a lovely woman at my table. Please, sit down.

He was so charming, so sweet. All her anger disappeared in an instant and the way he simply moved away from the subject made her feel better.
She didn’t feel stupid anymore. She had the right to ask, and to misinterpret.
But now he was here, cooking and all and she was here, dressed and all. And hungry.

She sat down at the table and smiled at him.
He smiled back and bent down to give her a kiss.
Her heart skipped a beat again and she blushed.
It looked like it was about to be a pretty good day after all.