Friday again! =)

And so another week has passed and it’s Friday again! Weather is stormy and cold, where did the summer/spring go?

I feel worn out, I ache and I am super tired. I guess it’s my age!? I realized today that I am older. Today my youngest (!) child turns 10! Ten! wow =) Im so proud of my kids! <3 <3

Soo…. that means that this weekend will be… less healthy. Today it’s cake (sticky chocolate cake) and tomorrow I’m going out partying. And eating out! Yay! Can’t wait! =) So there will be carbs. There will be alcohol.

Got to live a little, right? And then get back into shape again after! =)


I can recommend this ^ =)

Baked filled paprika. Where the filling consists of onion, kale and tomatoe (mixed with olive oil and bread crumbs) and mozarella on top! =) yum!




I’m beat now. Rest a little bit and then do my nails. See, as a poor student one can’t afford to go to the salon for nails! 😉



// lia 96, 2

Carrot beef.



2dl beans

3 carrots

1 onion

2-3 garlic cloves

1 vegetable broth/stock

1 table spoon tomato puré

1 egg white

1 table spoon soya sauce

3 tea spoons oregano + basil (pizza spice)

2 table spoons olive oil

2-3 table spoons bread crumbs

1 lemon

Boil some beans and vegetable stock for 10-12 minutes. Let it cool without water.

Grate carrots and onion.

Mix the beans with olive oil, add carrots and onion.

Mix the rest of the ingredients.

Shape and fry.

Squeeze some lemon over and serve with salad tzatziki.