Pain riche & Bruschetta.

When eating out, staying healthy or when you feel like a little snack – why not make some bruschetta? =)

To start off with, you need to bake some/or buy pain riche (baguette):


50 g yeast

5 dl water (lukewarm)

2 tea spoons salt

1 table spoon olive oil

10 dl quinoa flour (or more if needed)

1 table spoon Chia seed

Stirr the yeast with water until it’s desolved, then add salt, oil and the chia seeds. Then add a bit of flour. Add more flour to get a dough, mix and knead.

Let it prove/ferment under a tea towel for 45-60 mins.

Turn on the oven to 250 degrees c.

Devide the dough in to 4 parts. Roll them in to baguettes and put on a bakestone with a sheet. Add some sun flower seeds or other seed on top.

Let it prove/ferment another 20 mins while the oven heats.

Put the pain riche in the oven, in the middle, for 15 minutes.



To continue and make some lovely bruschetta, cut the pain riche in to slices.

Dip the slices in to a bowl of 3 table spoon olive oil + 2 crushed garlic cloves.

Put on baking sheet and in to the oven (200 degrees c) for 8 minutes.

After half the time, turn to make sure they do not burn but get crispy.

When done, spice with herbs, oregano, time and top it off with some chopped tomato and fresh basil.

Yum! =)



LCHF- bread


Easy peasy!

1 dl Fibrex, 1/2 dl crushed linseed, 1/2 sun flower seeds, 1 dl quinoa flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, A small cottage cheese, 3 egg and grated cheese.

Mix Keso and egg first, then add the dry ingredients. Put on baking sheet and leave in oven for 15 mins on 225 degrees c.


If you have some left-over boiled quinoa lying around, why not make buns out of it? =)

Just re-boil the quinoa 2-3 mins with some added water. Turn of heat and let it chill. Add oatmeal flakes, sun flower seeds and spelled flour (or other good flour). Then season with salt and stir until itโ€™s a manageable dough. Put in forms or shape. In oven for 20-25mins at 225 c.



Rain and more rain…

Another very rainy day. A typical Swedish spring! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Well, good morning! =)


Home made healthy LCHF bread + blueberry smoothie.

I never eat breakfast but when combining juicing and eating healthy, I can’t wait to eat in the mornings. It’s yum yum. We all take food for granted.

I seem to have taken a liking to baking and preparing food and cakes, lately. I just had to do a lemon pie, to freeze, until… maybe Saturday if we want some dessert :p

I’ve also mixed a tzatziki dip! =)

Now look at this, doesn’t it look yummy!? =)




// lia 97.6