Juice day!

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my juice days.

It’s really pouring down outside and I am not in the mood for exercise and besides I have tons of school work to be done so I’ll be juicing away and trying to stay healthy! =)

After some water and orange juice, a glass of a healthy mix is needed. This time I mixed carrot + spinach + savoy + beat root + ginger and lemon.

And the taste is not that shabby! 😉

I have been looking at fresh and nice recipes for tomorrow and I still have my bread and my halloumi/quinoa salad from yesterday. I might do some nice carrot beefs as well. We’ll see =)

Update: “Dinner” is in the fridge, chilling.

Celery + red cabbage + savoy + lemon

And the dessert: honey melon + kiwi =)


// lia 97,9.

Detox #10

I keep telling myself that weight is not all, which is absolutely true! 😉

I am getting healthier which is the most important thing.

(Still, what’s up with these -0.2kg ?!)

Soo…. Never again! I hate walking that way. But we did it anyway. I am now exhausted…



And then some kiwi juice! yum! =)

Update: After some grocery shopping we were starving.

How about this lovely purple? Ok it looks rather red but it is a lovely color of purple =)


Red cabbage + spinach + cucumber + savoy + lemon

And for dessert: kiwi + pineapple.

Yum! :p


//lia 98

Detox #9

Ooops! I forgot to take a picture of today’s breakfast!

It’s orange in color and leaves a weird taste of … I don’t know.

apple+kiwi+lime+carrot+ broccoli.

Sun is shining today so we’ll head out for a long walk, I’m sure!

I can’t wait for vacation! =) x

Update: So – we went for a lovely long walk in beautiful Mölle and now it’s time for a snack…

1476248_10152713747886456_6708857368988153106_n detox

Spinach + carrot + ginger + celery + lemon + cucumber

Update… again!: Of course! Weekends are the hardest (and evenings) for me so when I got too bored of not being able to eat chocolate and crisps, sambo took me out for a cycle. And it does make a difference working out together. Previously, when I have cycled the same way myself (and pushed myself hard) it took me 1h. Today he was annoying enough to speed up the pace and I was forcing myself to keep up. We ended up doing it in 41,30 mins! That’s fantastic (for being me!) and also nothing I feel like doing again! haha *beat*


# Walk 1h

#Cycle 12km in 41 mins


//lia 98,2