Klovn & Curb your Enthusiasm

Klovn Box

Lately, after recommendations, I started watching KLOVN. A Danish series about two friends and their families and the humour that happens when you’re rather socially awkward – or just unlucky. It’s really fun! 😀

However! Since I had already watched Curb your enthusiasm, I can see that it’s a rip-off and a half. Seriously! The same set-up: Two comedian friends who always look for work, their families and awkward situations. Even the music is almost the very same. Uncanny. I always feel slightly angry when copy-cats take other’s work and make it their own. Silly. But, with Klovn, as my brother said, it feels more real. It’s not Hollywood. They’re rich but not filthy rich. Denmark is close to us. It just feels more “real”. And it’s funny.

So if you haven’t seen Klovn, do it. And if you haven’t seen Curb your enthusiasm, do that too! You’ll enjoy them both! 😀

World War Z


I took my teenage to the cinema for some action. And action it was, indeed.

Now, I’m no fan of zobie-movies but this one I liked. A good nail-biter that even got me jumping a few times. Brad Pitt helped producing this flick and also starred alongside (from The Killing). Needless to say there were a few “hard to believe” scenes but what do you expect. Zombies, people! 😉

When the world is being taken over by the un-dead and there’s no cure in sight, what do you do? Yes, you call in Brad of course. He is getting older but he’s still got it. For being a Hollywood action film, it’s very good.

I will definitely watch it when it’s out on DVD with the rest of the family.



I just finished watching Broadchurch and I must say I liked it. Not necessarily because it was “good” in the sense of really amazing films but it sure grabbed onto my feelings and kept me on my toes.

The series revolves around a family who’s son is found murdered on the beach, only 11 years old and the two detectives who works hard in finding the killer in the small town where everyone knows eachother.

The series is quite depressing all through but since you think you know who the murderer is, then change your mind and change it again, it becomes quite interesting to follow the 8 episodes all through. And the drama between the people of Broadchurch adds to the interest for this series.

As far as I can see, it may even be a Season 2 in the future, since apparently the series was a hit. I will definately watch a season two is it’s produced. A drama worth watching.